What To Check Before Buying That Laptop (Specifications).

What To Check Before Buying That Laptop (Specifications).

In the past finding a gaming laptop seems to be a headache or thy are non-existent, but now they are many gaming laptops in the market but the problem is High Performance comes with High Price but you can still buy on budget. There are still cheaper ones in the market, check out our list of gaming laptops and specifications to look for when buying.






As the name imply high graphic processing unit equals high gaming experience, you should check the graphic card before buying. The best GPU now are Nvidia thy offer performances that you can get from a Desktop PC with the same name card, it is worthy of note the higher the model number the higher the performance so a Nvidia GeForce 1080 produces higher quality graphics than a GeForce 1060. AMD graphics are good also, thy are cheaper and thy can play most games.



Processor is the main organ in a computer, Intel is the household name. Thy also have the best processors, in most new generation laptops you will find Intel i7 , i5  or  i3 , Intel 8th generation chipset are still new in the market .AMD processors are good but Intel always outperform the AMD series. laptops with Intel core i3 or AMD processors can play most games  you can go for them if you don’t have enough money to go  for the new generation processors. If you have to choose between CPU and GPU always go for GPU.



Gaming Laptops with at least 8GB of RAM is the best buy with it you wont have problems with majority of games. You can also go for 4GB or 6GB of RAM which will have no problem in powering most games and performing other task, if you have the means go for 8GB of RAM. Many new laptops RAM are not upgrade-able you may be stuck with the RAM that the system came with so make sure you check the RAM.  If you want to run many applications at once, you like to play your games, open your browser with many tab at once  you can also go for the 12GB or 16GB RAM which is the best with it you can always multitask your laptop.



Additional Hard Drive can’t be added into a laptop so you have to go for the best, thy can be changed.
Given a choice between SSD and HDD you should always go for SSD. SSDs are much faster from boot time to the time it takes to lunch a game though SSD have falling in price thy are still more expensive than HDD look for 500GB or bigger you wont have problem with memory.



I recommend 15inches it is the way to go for a gaming laptop when you talk about portability but you can also go for 17inches, larger screen are more fun to game on which can be bigger, heavier and drains battery life. A full HD 1920 by 1080 screen resolution is big enough for most games but you can find resolutions higher than that but the cost is the problem.If all you do is game a 1080p resolution is ok thy are many gaming laptops in the market but the problem is price.



Read up the battery life of the new laptop you intend to acquire if you intend to be able to have longer gaming time
without plugin to an outlet but with bigger battery comes bigger size and weight.



laptop companies offer guarantee. check out the year or years of guarantee and the guarantee terms of your prospective laptop before buying. Guarantee means the company trust there product and agree to change it or repair it in case it gets faulty  within the guarantee period.

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