My Device Can’t Connect To Internet.

My Device Can’t Connect To Internet.

Computers and phones are produced mainly for Surfing the internet” if you ask me”.  If you have a device that you just play music with or watch videos with, you don’t read news feed or chat with your buddy on Facebook or check the latest political drama my friend you are missing. Maybe you are doing all this and suddenly your device refuses to connect to the internet , it is a real headache we are here to find solution to.

Check-Out Some of the Solutions.

Check your Data Balance.

Your internet service Provider(MTN,Airtel,Glo,9mobile) may block your access to the Internet because you have exhausted your data or your data have expired first of all check your data balance by dialing the USSD code of your Internet Provider thy sometimes send test to remind you when this thing is about to happen. If you suspect that your account have been blocked from accessing the internet check the cause by contacting your ISP.


Check Your Wireless signal.

Sometimes you may be traveling or you traveled to a place with no wireless signal you have to be patient till you leave that location. In this locations you can never be able to browse sometimes you can receive calls but you can never browse. If you are browsing on a wi-Fi device signal the farther the device the slower the connection until it breaks altogether make sure you are not far away from your wi-Fi Device.


Loose or unplugged Network Cable.

sometimes we may forget to check the simplest cause. Check your Network cable to make sure it is securely plugged before raising alarms. This means the problem is not from your network in most laptops or desktop computers the wi-Fi may be switched off. on home network the Router may be switched off.

Check your computers Firewall.

Disable your computer firewall to make sure is not the cause of the glitch, Firewall software sometimes prevent network traffic from its operations when you have two firewall installed on a computer it may start blocking your traffic.


Website Being Offline.

Sometimes what you may see as a fault maybe a website being temporarily offline, before you raise alarm type in other websites address into your browser if you are able to access other websites, it may simply be the web address you are searching being offline. Wait some time and try again.

Fault Computer.

Computers can get faulty. sometimes your computer can become faulty because of old age. In this situation you can do noting unless you are a technician. Call a technician to check your device.


Network Drivers.

After Changing the operating system of your device, you have to update the drivers for the computer to function properly. If you newly changed the operating system of your computer and your system is not able to connect follow this process. Click the window icon, type device manager into the search bar click on it, it will take you to a page there click on network adapters if any of the drivers have question mark on it you have to update your system drivers especially your network adapter driver.

Contact you Internet Service Provider

If the problem persist contact your Internet Service Provider Sometimes it may be a misconfiguration on your side which thy can help you fix automatically or manually , thy may send you guide lines on how to fix the problem.

Look for a Technician

If you don’t know anything about the complicated side of computing it is ok to call a technician to fix the fault some problems are too complicated for an average user like changing a conflicting IP address, repairing a faulty Router.

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