MTN Tariff Plans and Migration Codes.

MTN Tariff Plans and Migration Codes.

Finding a suitable tariff plan can save you a lot of money. What you do with your MTN Sim determines the best Tariff plan for you, example if you are in love with browsing there is a Tariff plan for you, if you like making calls there is a tariff plan, This Plans comes with their  bonus when you recharge.

Again being on the wrong Tariff Plan will make you lose a lot of money.

These are the MTN Tariff Plans if you which to migrate to more preferable choice.

They are only 4 Tariff Plans that seems to be working now, all other Plans seems to have been Scraped or stopped. I tried their migration code thy seemed not to be working.

These are the Plans that still work



XtraSpecial and



MTN BetaTalk.

Enjoy 150% airtime Bonus on every recharge from 100NGN and above e.g.; when you recharge 100NGN you get 250NGN different from the 100NGN recharge 200NGN and get 500NGN the more you recharge the more your bonus.

Enjoy National calls at 24NGN per minute 40kobo per second

To migrate Dial *123*2*6# or text BT to 131.


MTN Pulse.

Enjoy Youthful life on MTN Pulse. This plan allows you to make calls to other MTN lines at 11k per second or 25k per second after spending 40k per sec for the first minute. 15k when you are making the call outside a school campus and 11k when you are making the call inside a school campus.

When on this plan you can subscribe to MTN Night browsing @25NGN.

With this plan you can also subscribe for 1GB for 500NGN while other MTN customers uses 500NGN to get 750MB Note That the 1GB is valid for one Month while my 1GB is valid for 3 Months.

Enjoy 11kobo per sec for calls across Nija after spending 10NGN daily

Data Bonus when you recharge.

To Migrate Dial *406# or text 406 to 131.


MTN XtraSpecial.

Make Calls with a flat rate of 15kobo per second to all networks in Nigeria and 18 international countries. This plan is for those that have loved one outside Nigeria. If you call outside Nigeria with other plans you will be charged not just high very High you will be amazed.

To migrate dial *408# or text 408 to 131



This Plan gives you airtime for calls across Nija and International Calls plus data after subscribing to bundle plan.

xtraTalk Bundle gives you more airtime for calls while XtrData gives you more data when you subscribe. This plan is not popular because of its high rate e.g. International calls are charged 39.6 per minute.

To Migrate to this Plan simply Dial *131*2#



This Plan gives you 200% of your recharge below 100NGN and 300% of your recharge above 100NGN. When you recharge 100NGN which the USSD code you get 400NGN, 200NGN you get 800NGN. You get the Bonus when you recharge using VTU or *888#.

BetaTalk To migrate Dial *123*2*6# or text BT to 131.


Pulse To Migrate Dial *406# or text 406 to 131.


XtraSpecial To migrate dial *408# or text 408 to 131


XtraValue To Dial *131*2#


I hope this Information is useful so select the plan you find preferable and save that extra bucks.

You Comment is always welcomed. It keeps us motivated and it lets know that someone is reading and listening.


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