How To Manually and Easily Root Your Android Device.

How To Manually and Easily Root Your Android Device.

A new app in town Kingo Root makes rooting your Android device easy and its free of charge,low risk and preparation, you no longer need to mess with scripts or fear of damaging your phone you just install and root.
What is Rooting in Andriod Rooting is a means of unlocking the operating system so you can install any app both aproved or unparoved apps, unwanted bloatware, update the Opperating System,customise the phone and so on. this can be a daunting and scary task for an average user rooting your smart phone core software by youself may sounds like leaving a new born baby to fall to the ground but am telling you that with kingo root it is now easy it makes rooting a one-click rocess, it doesn’t work on all devices.

There are two version of king root you can use to Root your Android device.
The App version and The Desktop Version.

The Android App

I prefer the Andriod App process you just need to install the Kingo Root a and it runs other function with one click.
The app is not available on the andriod play store so you need to type in the Kingo Root Android page web address and download it.


If you are Working with a computer just download the APK and send it to your phone through mail. Then on your Andriod device open the mail and download it.
Note : some device are set not to allow app from unknown sources if your phone is one of such devices you have to reset it to allow app from unknown sources, is not too hard to do this just find settings from there click on security scroll to Unknown Sources and on. Now Install Kingo Root. Then Run the app ,click on One click Root wait till it is complete you can then install those unapproved apps it doesn’t take time also remember that i said that it doesn’t work on all Android devices.




The Desktop

First Download and install KingoRoot for Windows, leave unchecked the option to install yahoo powered chromium browser and then decline to prevent future adware incursions.

Second enable USB debugging on your device. On newer versions of Android, follow this process. Click on settings, go to About phone, then scroll to Build on it seven times, on the seventh click you will see an info “You are now a developer” when you have seen the message go back click settings again scroll down till you see developers option, click on it and then allow USB debugging.




On older version of Android you can enable USB Debugging click on settings Developers option and then click USB debugging on.

Third Run Android Root on your PC, then connect your phone with a matching USB cable. Your computer will show that your phone is connected. Your Phone screen may show allow USB debugging tell your phone to always allow from this computer, then click Ok.

Fourth Click Root and then leave the app to do its thing.  If you decide you don’t want your device to be rooted again you can reverse the process. Just run the App again, connect your phone then tap and the process is reversed Remove Root.

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