How To Fix A Slow Computer.

How To Fix A Slow Computer.

There are not mush things that makes a computer slow one is start-up programs or full/about-to-full hard drive. You may be experiencing a slow boot-up process or that apps are taking longer to open or videos are taking longer to buffer or websites are taking longer to load first you should know the source of the problem before anything else, make sure the problem is not from your computer. Windows needs much free spaces to function well. If your Hard Disk is full or about to your system will certainly be slower, so clear up some space, delete those unwanted files.You will see some changes windows can not function well when the Hard Drive is Full or about to, concentrate on the C: drive that is were the OS is loaded.

Second Some programs runs automatically when the system boots-up this leads to slow computer performance. A lot of programs are programmed to start-up with your computer it is left for you to disable them. when this programs run on a older computer thy become much slower.To disable this functions click on your windows key + R and click on OK or press Enter. click on start-up from there you can disable the start-up programs you want to disable.

Note:Leave any program you don’t understand the check the manufacturer any program that has Intel or Microsoft as its manufacturer leave it ticked.

Once you are through with this process rebooth your system It should be faster.

If it takes mush time for you Videos to buffer or your web pages are taking time to load It Check you configuration settings and your Internet Service Provider.

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