How To Disable Startup programs.

How To Disable Startup programs.

A lot of computer programs starts up as we boot-up our computer which leads to slow system performance or slow boot-up process.
This programs can be easly disabled from automatically starting-up after boot. Below are the steps which you can use to disable this programs from automatically starting up.

Firstly: Press Windows key and R


Secondly: Type msconfig into the dialog box then click OK

Thirdly: Click on the startup tab, and then unmark the programs you don’t want starting-up automatically when the computer is booting-up


Fouth :Click apply and ok

Note – Check the program manufacturers avoid disabling any of the programs that have Microsoft Corporation or Intel as its Manufacturer example Realtel HD audio manager, Intel common user Interface,AdobeAAMUPdater, Google Updater and so on. Any program name you don’t understand leave it on, If you see any program name that is blank disable it ( Thy are usually viruses or spyware you don’t want them to boot-up with your computer. Always run virus check.

After these process rebooth your system and your good to go, you will see the changes.

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