How to Check Your Computers Specifications.

How to Check Your Computers Specifications.

Before You buy a new or fairly-used computer you suppose to check the specifications to know if it can perform the functions you are acquiring it for. Unfortunately many computer vendors will not allow you check your computer specs before you buy, that is what we are here for but you can check the specs after buying or if your buying a second hand laptop you can easily check the specs of the laptop before taking it home the specifications of a computer will determine whether it will run certain Software or Games.

Steps to follow:


First: Click Window Key + R

Second: Type msinfo32 and press Enter.

In the next window you will see all your system details under system summary.

Click on the Hardware Resources to see all Available Hardware Information.

Isn’t it so easy you can now check your hardware information. Higher specifications is equal to high system performance.

Video editing and HD Games need high system hardware to function or your system will just heat-up or freeze .Don’t be tricked again.

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