ASUS X540LA Specifications and Reviews.

ASUS X540LA Specifications and Reviews.

Enjoy Another Wonder from Asus. Why i call it a wonder how many times do you see a laptop featuring a 1TB Hard Drive? Enjoy fast processing, switch effortlessly from app to app, multi-task as you which this PC never gets tired, built to withstand anything you through at it i don’t mean literary lol. All the right ports, High speed connection best visual display technology you can get. THE Asus X540 is powered by Intel Core i3-4005U (1.7GHz, 3M Cache) CPU, not only that you will also find  a 1TB 5400RPM HDD Drive with that 4GB DDR3 RAM, Feel the satisfying feeling of Intel HD Graphics 4400. 15.5 inches HD LED Display, other features include HDMI, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0, SuperMulti DVD Optical Drive it gets more better.  

Key Features.

Processor: Intel Core i3-4005U [1.7GHz, 3M Cache] Processor Family:  Intel Processor Family GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4400 Memory:  4GB DDR3 RAM Storage: 1TB 5400rpm HDD Display: 15.6 inch HD LED Display Webcam: Yes Wi-Fi : IEEE 802.22a/b/g/n Bluetooth: Bluetooth v4.0 Port: HDMI and USB DVD Drive: SuperMulti DVD Optical Drive.  

Product Reviews.

  • Premium Design and Lightweight
Asus stands out from the crowd it is not just designed for performance it is also designed to turn heads with its brushed finish you will never go unnoticed. You won’t believe the weight when you lift it up, the questions people ask if a high performance Laptop can have a lightweight framework this notebook Computer answered that question.
  • Asus Display Technology.
Asus Display technology helps get the best image quality, whether you are watching movies, reading , browsing this technology optimizes the screen contrast to fit your need. Vivid Mode optimizes contrast when browsing photos or watching movies or using the screen for images, Eye care Mode Reduces the blue light that enters the Eyes when reading for long hours e.g. when reading pages online or reading PDF files., Normal mode as the name Implies puts everything as it is suppose to it is used for daily tasks when you don’t have a particular thing you are doing, Why Manual Mode is for Manual color adjustments this Mode allows you to adjust the screen color to fit you own need or specification.
  • No shortage of Space.
With 1TB HDD Hard Drive you can store absolute everything, from movies to games to apps that fear of filling your Hard Drive have been put to bed. With 6GB RAM switch from app to app, play music and perform other functions at lightning speed.

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