Airtel Tariff Plans and Migration code.

Airtel Tariff Plans and Migration code.

Choosing a Tariff plan is a necessity if you which to enjoy your Airtel line. There is a plan made especially for you, the tariff plans is designed by how we use Airtel network. Some individuals love browsing that is thy browse more than they call some call more that thy browse so the tariff plans are designed to make you satisfied.

These Are the Tariff plans that Airtel Network offer make your choice according to your need.

Airtel SmartTalk 2.0,

Airtel Smart Connect,

Airtel Smart Value,

Airtel Smart Trybe.

Airtel Smart Tribe junior,

Airtel Smart Premier and


  1. Airtel Smart Talk.

Airtel smart Talk as the name goes is a plan for calls is not meant for data users it allows you to make calls at 11 kobo per second but you will be charged a daily access fee of 5NGN that means if you don’t have up to 5NGN on your Aitel Sim for that first call of the day you can’t make calls at that rate.  This plan also allows you to make call at 20k per second to  this international destinations USA, CANADA, CHINA, INDIA and UK.

To migrate Dial *315# or send yes to 315

  1. Airtel Smart Connect.

Aitel Smart Connect is a cheat. I mean the befits you get from using this plan is enormous.

Some of them are:

200% bonus on all your recharge from 200NGN and above.

Weekly bonus on family and friends, get 300NGN weekly when you recharge 200NGN and above.

Get 15MB Bonus when you recharge 200NGN and above.

Midnight calls between 11pm and 6am at 11k/sec.

To migrate buy and activate your Sim this plan is available to all new customers.

  1. Airtel Smart Value.

Airtel smartvalue plan is another plan meant for people who like making calls.  This plan charges 15kobo per second and international calls at 20kobo per second to USA, CANADA, CHINA, INDIA, and UK.

To migrate Dial *314# or send Yes 314

  1. Airtel Smart Trybe.

I use Airtel SmartTrybe this plan offers a lot of benefit if you like browsing, that is you prefer data to call this is the plan just for you. This is the most used plan in Nigeria many of my friends use it.

You won’t believe that you can get 11kobo per second free access to whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and BBM.

15MB bonus when you recharge 300NGN and above every week pay  you get free sms pay for 2 and get 5 free.

In this plan you get 1 MB for 500NGN the downside of the 1GB is it lasts for only a week my own plan lasts for 1month.

You must be on this plan to enjoy Night browsing.

To migrate Dial *312#

  1. Airtel Smart Tribe junior.

This plan is designed for parents, guardians or anyone that have young ones.   11kobo per second to parents, family and friends but you will be charged 40kobo per second on your first one minute call of the day. You get. Calls to other numbers are charged at 20kobo per second. This plan is for kids. Why I say is for kids as the name goes and also when you use this line you get;

Free calls to Mum and Dad from the kid’s line,

10% percent of the parents recharge is transferred to the kid’s line as bonus.

NERDC courses are given to the kids to make learning fun and easy.

You get 100% bonus when you purchase data from 200NGN and above.

To migrate Dial *317# or Send Yes to 317.


  1. Airtel Smart Premier.

In this plan you just get cheap call on you Airtel line after making your first one minute call of the day.

Make calls to any network in Nigeria for 11kobo per second but before that you will be charged 40kobo per second for your first one minute call of the day.

All international calls to UK, US CHINA and INDIA are the same price 11kobo per second buy after you 40kobo per second one minute call.

Get 15MB on every recharge you make.

Get up to 500minutes per month while roaming.

To migrate Dial *318# or Send to 318


Airtel SmartTalk To migrate Dial *315# or send Yes to 315
Airtel SmartConnect Buy a new Airtel Sim and Register
Airtel SmartValue To migrate Dial *314# or send Yes 314
Airtel SmartTrybe To migrate Dial *312# or send Yes 312
Airtel SmartTrybe Junior To migrate Dial *317# or send Yes 317
Airtel SmartTrybe Premier To migrate Dial *318# or Send to 318


I hope this Information is useful so select the plan you find preferable and save that extra bucks.

You Comment is always welcomed. It keeps us motivated and it lets know that someone is reading and listening.

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