Airtel Data Plans Prices and Subscription Codes.

Airtel Data Plans Prices and Subscription Codes.

Airtel is one of the networks in Nigeria that offers high browsing speed at affordable rate.  They give a lot of bonus and to their customers and there is a plan special made for every from light internet users to heavy internet users.

Below are Airtel Data Plans, Prices and Subscription Code.

50 NGN 20MB 1-DAY *141*11*9#
100 NGN 75MB 1-DAY *410#
200 NGN 200MB 3-DAY *412#
300 NGN 350MB 7-DAYS *417#
500 NGN 750MB 7-DAYS *418#
1000 NGN 1.5GB 30-DAYS *496#
2000 NGN 3.5GB 30-DAYS *437#
1500 NGN 3.5GB(2.5GB+ Bonus 1GB) 30-DAYS *440*16#
2500 NGN 5.5GB(4.5GB +Bonus 1GB) 30-DAYS *437*1#
3000 NGN 6.5GB(5.5GB+Bonus 1GB) 30-DAYS *438#
4000 NGN 9.5GB(7.5GB+2GB Bonus) 30-DAYS *438*1#
5000 NGN 12GB 30-DAYS *452#
8000 NGN 24GB 30-DAYS *460#

This Data Plans work in all Gadgets so far you are using an Airtel line. The Bonus is usable between 1am to 7am daily.

How To Check Airtel Data Balance.

You can check your data balance by simply dialing *223# or *140#

Airtel Weekend Plans.

Airtel found out that some people are usually busy from Monday to Friday and thy devised a Data plan that will suit this individual. This Plan is for people who browse more during the weekend.

Note: The Data Bundle runs from 12am Saturday to 11:59pm Sunday.

To Get 200MB for 200NGN during the weekend dial *472#

To Get 500MB for 500NGN during the weekend dial *473#



Airtel Night Plans.

This plan is for People is for night browser.  This plan is Airtel customers that prefer browsing during the Night. Airtel have brought out a Data plan for people like you and the plans are madly cheap.

First you need to be Airtel SmartTRYBE Customer if you are not one don’t panic to migrate simply dial *312# Select 1 to Migrate. Migration is free.

Then dial the USSD code again *312# and Select Trybe Night Browsing and choose the plan you want 25NGN for 500MB, 200NGN for 1.5GB. This plan is fun and the best for those who have loads of work and Data to Download.

Airtel Time Based Plan 

(The Plan Works from 12am to 5:59am)

The plan is good when you have loads of Data to download.  This Data plans last for a specific period of time if you subscribe for 30minutes it last for just 30minutes.

30 MINUTES unlimited browsing and download for 300NGN just Dial *439*3#

60 MINUTES unlimited browsing and download for 500NGN just Dial *439*4#

3 HOURS unlimited browsing and download for 1,000NGN just Dial *481*2#



This plan is for social media. When you run out of data and you don’t have money to subscribe immediately you can go for these cheap plans, they are made for social media users. Stay socially connected  this plan are usable for Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Wechat e.t.c.

Whatsapp Daily -10MB for 25NGN valid for 1-Day to subscribe Dial *948*4#

All Social Daily-20MB for 50NGN valid for 1-Day to subscribe Dial *991*4#

All Social Weekly-50MB for 100NGN valid for 5-Days to subscribe Dial *688*3#

All Social Monthly-600MB for 300NGN valid for 25-Days to subscribe Dial *688*1#

Airtel 2G Plans.

Airtel 2G plans give you Non-Stop Internet Browsing, Chatting, Downloads on your 2G phone. This plan are made specifically for 2G phones when you try to use it on 3G phones trust me thy are very slow.

2G Weekly-1GB for 200NGN valid for 10days to subscribe Dial *482*1#

2G Monthly-3GB for 500 valid for 25days to subscribe Dial*482*2#


Data Renewal Deactivation

If you did not cancel your data and you don’t wish to rollover your unused data your money will be deducted for Data when your subscription expires.  So do ensure to cancel auto renewal to save your money.

To Deactivate Auto Renewal on Airtel text STOPAUTORENEW to 440

Airtel Configuration Settings.

This is a tech Blog if I finish writing this blog without writing the Automatic and Manual APN, Data   settings for Airtel then this blog post is not complete. If you are having problems browsing on your Airtel  Line follow this procedure to request for automatic settings and if your device can not be automatically setup you can use the Manual Setup procedure.

  • For AUTOMATIC send “internet phonebrand model”to 232
  • For MANUAL CONFIGURATION use the Settings below

Access Point Name: Airtel  Internet

APN/Access Point:

Username/Login :  Leave Blank

Password: Leave Blank



Other Fields are not required.



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NOTE: To Check you Data balance Dial *140# for any of the above plans


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