9Mobile Tariff Plans and Migration Codes.

9Mobile Tariff Plans and Migration Codes.

9mobile is the new name for etisalat. In this my blog post you will find the different 9mobile tariff plan migration code. If you are not using the tariff plan tailored for you specific needs you may be wasting your money on tariff plans that offers higher call rate while they are tariff plans you can get cheaper call rate or data.

Some of these plans are etisalat plans that are rebranded.


  1. 9Mobile MoreTalk.

This plan previously called Etisalat EasyStarter. This plan is created to keep you and your loved ones connected like never before, you can still make calls when you run out airtime provided the receiver agrees to pay. Moretalk tariff plan call rate is 40kobo per second, if you make up to 25NGN call a day your tariff price reduces to 25 kobo per second. By using this plan you get free 10mb to browse anytime you recharge 100NGN weekly. The you and me feature gives you 300NGN free every week to call five 9mobile numbers when you recharge 200NGN and also you get 100NGN when you recharge 100NGN.

To migrate Dial *244*2# or Dial 200 and follow the prompt on new sim.


  1. 9mobile MoreCliq.

This is the popularly know etisalat EasyCliq it have been rebranded to 9mobile MoreTalk.

You get 15MB free data any time you recharge 200NGN.

Call made to other 9mobile line is charged at 20k/sec and 40kobo per second to other Networks.

Your call charge reduces to 15kobo per second on cliq to cliq, 20kobo per second from cliq to other 9mobile customers, 30kobo per second from cliq to other networks when you use up to 25NGN.

You will also get make free midnight calls from 12:30 am to 4:30am.

To migrate Dial *244*1#


  1. 9mobile More Flex

MoreFlex Previously Known as Etisalat EasyFlex. This Plan embarrasses you with bonuses.

Get 150% bonus when you buy flex 2000 and 5000 bundle.

Get free Bundle when you Purchase flex 2000 and 5000, when you purchase these bundles twice you get the third free.

Get 300% or more when you buy flex flex 300, 500, 1000, 4000, 10,000, 20,000 Bundles.

Get free incoming calls while roaming on UK – Vodacom, UAE – Etisalat, US –T-mobile ,South Africa – Vodacom, Netherlands – KPN and Saudi Arabia – Mobily .

When you recharge 300NGN you will be given free 50MB and 900NGN to call all networks in Nigeria with data.

MoreFlex 300 cost 300NGN activate by dialing *344*300#

MoreFlex 500 cost 500NGN activate by dialing *344*500#

MoreFlex 1000 cost 1000NGN activate dialing *344*1000#

MoreFlex 2000 cost 2000NGN activate by dialing *344*2000#

MoreFlex 4000 cost 4000NGN activate by dialing *344*4000#

MorFlex 5000 cost 5000NGN activate by dialing *344*5000#

MoreFlex 10,000 cost 10,000NGN activate dialing *344*10,000#

MoreFlex 20,000 cost 20,000NGN activate by dialing *344*20,000#

Load the amount for the bundle you which to purchase after recharging dial the code.


  1. 9mobile MoreLife

Previously known as etisalata  EasyLife 9mobile More Life is meant for those who make more calls. They have the cheapest call rate both for local and international calls.

With a daily rate of 5NGN you will make calls at 11kobo per second for local calls and 20Kobo per second for International calls  to UK, USA, CHINA, INDIA free  incoming calls while roaming.

To migrate Dial *420*1#


  1. 9Mobile MoreFlex Evolution.

When you are looking for a tariff plan you can leverage on, when you need data you subscribe for more data when you want more talk you subscribe for more talk.

There is a package were for 2000 you get 1GB data plus 1,500NGN for Talk and also for the same 2000 you can get  5,500NGN for talk and 250MB data it all depends on what you value most. When you are on this tariff plan you make calls for 40kobo per second both for on-net and off-net calls, SMS costs 4NGN, 100NGn for MMS.

To opt in dial  to voice and value plan or data and value plan Dial *320#,

To opt-out Dial *300*0#,

To check value balance Dial *232#.


  1. 9Mobile TalkZone.

This plan is previously known as Etisalat TalkZone. This Tariff plan gives you discount when you make calls but it all depends on your location.

You get Discount of 80% when you call 9mobile lines, you get as low as 12kobo per second.

Calls from 12:30am to 4:30m are charged at 12kobo per second.

To migrate Dial *244*8#


  1. 9mobile CliqLite.

Cliqlite is new and offers many things especially to children it gives free access to many educational hub.

This Tariff Plan is designed for Children but everybody can still use it.

Enjoy Cheap call rate and data.

It offers free access to educational and entertainment apps

To migrate Dial *244*10#


9mobile MoreTalk To migrate Dial *244*2#
9mobileMoreCliq To migrate Dial *244*1#
9mobile MoreFlex To migrate Dial *344* Flex Code#
9mobile MoreLife To migrate Dial *420*1#
9mobileMoreFlex To opt-out Dial *300*0#,
9mobile TalkZone To migrate Dial *244*8#
9mobileCliqLite To migrate Dial *244*10#

I hope this Information is useful so select the plan you find preferable and save that extra bucks.

You Comment is always welcomed. It keeps us motivated and it lets know that someone is reading and listening.

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